Jake and I thought it might be fun to start posting a new Q&A here on the blog. Introducing, Five Questions from New Friends, where new buddies can ask us whatever they want and we'll answer them here. We hope you enjoy it!

We met this hilarious English couple, Charlotte and James, in Luang Prabang, Laos, and caught up with them in Hanoi, Vietnam, and will hopefully see them again in Siem Reap, Cambodia! They had some fun questions to start us off!

1. What is your favorite animal that you have seen?

Noelle: Kitties! Kitties everywhere!

Jake: Big puffer fish while scuba diving.

2. What is the most awkward cultural faux pas that you have experienced? Noelle: Hmm, we honestly haven't really had any yet. We do a ton of research when it comes to how to eat things or how to respect temples, etc, before we get somewhere, and I think that has saved us a few times. But if I had to pick one thing, I would say the time we were eating fondue in Lauterbrunnen. We had no idea what to do with all of the accoutrements we were given (mushrooms, garlic, onions), so Jake asked our server what was the proper way to eat everything. Her answer is one of my favorite things I've ever heard someone say in a restaurant, "It's your food, sir, you can eat it however you like." We blushed, smiled, said thanks, and proceeded to devour the pot of cheese without much regard for manners.Jake: Nothing specific comes to mind personally, either because we try to be polite, informed, and aware as much as possible… or maybe because we just don't know we are doing something out of the norm! If I had to give an answer, no matter how bad, I guess I would say attending the alms ceremony that the monks do every morning. Just being there felt a little like we were intruding and should not have been there, even though many people do so.

3. What American food do you miss the most?

Noelle: I guess mine's not really American food, but food that we eat in America! Mexican food. Definitely Mexican food. I can't wait to hit up El Portal when we get back to LA in January!

Jake: Burritos from public market - our old local quick food spot…which has now been shut down anyway :(

4. What cultural things do you like about the country/area that you are currently in?

Noelle: Considering we're currently in Vietnam, this is a tough one. I'll focus on food culture (per the usual) - I love bun cha and the way it's served, all of the different pieces of the meal on different plates.

Jake: I like to see that the crazy style of driving works for the most part. It looks like chaos, but instead has its own rules that are different than our own.

5. When was the last time you had a solid poop?

Noelle: This morning! Woohoo!

Jake: 5 minutes ago