Hi EDANA Followers!

Jake and I have received many emails, text messages, and Facebook messages from lots of you expressing concern that our blog posts have been getting routed to spam, or that the website is broken, or that the emails aren't working...

Don't worry! The blog posts are being delivered properly (or at least they should be), the website and emails are working as they should! So why haven't you heard from us since Hong Kong? Well, the simple answer is we got WAY behind in planning our South American adventure and needed to take some time to get some things hammered out. Now that we have our big plans set (including our flight to Los Angeles at the end of January!), we're just about ready to start posting our travel adventures again!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks to learn about our incredible three weeks in Japan, followed by our weekend in Los Angeles, and the start of our South American tour!

Thank you for checking in on us! We really appreciate all of the love, support!

For now, we're off to hike the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu!

Happy trails,


Noelle & Jake

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