Like our other list of favorites, when we think of our favorite cities we always have to include qualifying information - whether or not we liked it because we have friends there, or because the food was good, or because it was clean and pretty, or because the pubs were awesome. While Gimmelwald might be one of the most beautiful places we went, it's not exactly one we could see ourselves actually living and working in. So we asked ourselves, if we were going to move to one of the cities we've visited, which one would be at the top of our list?


Budapest, Hungary


  1. Amsterdam
  2. Vienna
  3. Munich
  4. Warsaw
  5. Berlin
  6. Dublin
  7. Kyoto
  8. Budapest
  9. Prague
  10. Rome



Kyoto, Japan

  1. Munich
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Vienna
  4. Berlin
  5. Warsaw
  6. Dublin
  7. Buenos Aires
  8. Osaka
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Budapest